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Want to become an Image Consultant?

You can by studying from ANYWHERE in the world!


Want to become an Image Consultant?

You can by studying from ANYWHERE in the world!




why choose our online course?

Simply put, we have the best online image consulting course built on the best platform. And since you want to be the best image consultant you can be, you need the best, right? Right! On our amazing new innovative and interactive platform, all course materials and videos are easily accessible on one intuitive dashboard. You will receive your own login details; you can do the course at your own pace and all your assignments and interactive quizzes will conveniently be done online. Our course gives you the freedom to study from anywhere and keep track of your progress with the added bonus of being able to interact with other students. All you need is your device or laptop and an internet connection. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to become the best with the best!

Hi there I’m

Aletté-Johanni Winckler

& I can’t wait to meet you

Aletté-Johanni Winckler is no stranger to the public. Over the years, Aletté has added various projects and work experience to her portfolio.

From stylist and image consultant, to writer, speaker TV appearances, and active blogger (Huisgenoot.com’s exclusive style blogger) – this mother of three boys and a girl and wife of SA singer /worship leader Heinz Winckler, seems to have more than 24 hours in her days!

You love fashion, and you want to turn it into a passion!

Image consultancy is one of the few professions offering more and more individuals the chance of earning a professional income both at a young age, as well as past the standard age of retirement. In fact, the majority of your clients might even fall in more or less the same age group as you, simply because people seem to relax and relate better with their peers the older they become.

Wow I am SO GRATEFUL that God blessed me with this Course. I am Discovering who I am on a daily basis and unraveling WHAT my purpose is in life is.

This right here is TRULY a very liberating experience!

Jacqueline Knoetze – Potchefstroom

10 reasons to train with sa image academy


Our style and colour App is based on a modern approach towards image consulting. Now it is possible to not only teach your client verbally about styles and colours, but they can access their styles instantly from their phone for future reference. Clients not only feel like they get value for their money by receiving state-of-the-art take home materials, they love referring to the accurate App after the consultant has left.


SA Image is the only course that is certied by the IPIA (International Professional Image Association)


The course is complemented by a large amount of high quality and comprehensive take home materials.


The course content is constantly being updated to ensure the highest level of benet to the students. After the course, our consultants are equipped with everything they need to start their own business.


After training with us, you can be an independent consultant. Unlike some Image Consulting Courses, you may, but do not need to use our name for your business.


We maintain a high standard of image consulting by only qualifying our consultants after they have completed their post-course assignments.


We also provide trainees with various training methods and payment options when they can’t aord everything at once.


We are the only company in SA to offer such an array of courses. We also offer our consultants lifelong mentorship.


It is truly an excellent foundation course to start a business with. It won’t be necessary to retrain with any other image consulting company after you have trained with us.

what inside the course?

Syllabus 1:

Personal Development


Syllabus 2:



Syllabus 3:

Make the Man


Syllabus 4:

Makeup, Skin & Hair


Syllabus 5:



Syllabus 6:



Syllabus 7:



Syllabus 8:



Syllabus 9:


Ready for a new career?

✔️ Image consulting empowers you with knowledge, courage and charisma so that you can empower others with the same.

✔️ Image consulting is showing the world that fashion, flair and all things fabulous is needed in life and on a daily basis.

✔️ Image consulting excentuates the inner beauty we know each and every person has onto the exterior facade.

✔️ Image consulting builds back the blocks which have been broken down by society’s stereotypes, only this time leaving them indestructible.

✔️ Image consulting is showing the world that all shapes, sizes, shades and styles are equally beautiful, valuable and worthy. 

✔️ Image consulting extends far beyond the boundaries of beauty and delves deep into the personality presence that we put out there through interpersonal and social media interaction.

✔️ Image consulting is showing each and every individual you cross paths with how to be their beautiful and most self-loved self!

✔️ Image consulting is a journey, one you never knew you needed, but certainly one that is worth taking!

Professionalism, friendly people, and a life changing course that helps you impart style from a different perspective.

Suretta Venter, Dubai

Still not sure?

Are you still not convinced? Download our course brochure and check out the course material! 




Our answers to your questions

What does an Image Consultant do?

An Image Consultant is a professionally trained individual who helps either a person or a company to enhance their image.

 Encapsulated under the word ‘image’ you have everything from clothing consultations and upgrade suggestions, colour determination, style security, make-up tips, hair advice all the way down to everyday etiquette and formalities.

Is the market saturated? Are there too many image consultants?

The world will never be too big for the amount of image consultants out there … every person needs one. Image consulting stems beyond advising one person and lends itself exceptionally well to being a valuable attribute to the corporate environment.


Companies need people like us to show them what works for them on a grand scale and on a daily basis. Even if there are 10 consultants (which we guarantee there isn’t) in your area, there will always be someone who hasn’t been reached yet who needs your help without them even realizing. Currently, around 250 individuals are actively practicing and pursuing image consulting, so our market needs you!


There is a limitless number of spheres and facets to image consulting you just need to go out and find the one that suits you whether it be speaking, teaching or empowering one, two, or a group of individuals – find your flair and flourish, the industry will welcome you with open arms.

How much money can an Image consultant make?

This is wholeheartedly determined by you. If your heart is set on a goal and you are driven, determined and willing to work then you will most certainly succeed.

 Putting yourself out in the market and making people crave what you know is where it all begins. Don’t be afraid to take that step because when you do you are capable to make up to if not more than R20,000 a day or weekend – and that is putting it lightly.

Will SA Image help me build my business?

Essentially it is up to you to get down to business, but we do offer a support system to guide you for a lifetime. Our Sisterhood is an optional community to join after you graduate, should you wish to do so.

The Sisterhood is an army of empowering women who like, share and support each other’s successes. We will continuously update and give new insight as to what we experience in the industry, trends and advice.

Do I get everything I need to practice image consulting?

Absolutely! We have optional colour-boards which you can purchase if you want, it is not a necessity, but we highly recommend it. Other than the boards, everything you would need to be a successful image consultant is included: manuals, measuring equipment, draping and the course material of course.

Will I as an individual be internationally accredited?

No one individual is internationally accredited after completing a course in South Africa, regardless of which image consulting course you do. 

So, once you completed your studies with the SA Image Academy you are not Internationally Accredited, merely local. However, every individual can easily follow the accreditation process through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) who certifies you as an individual to become a Certified Image Consultant Internationally.

What is the App?

The APP is what makes the fashion world go round! It is your own personal stylist in your pocket. Not only is it personalized to your unique personality, measurements and profile, but it is also your own image consultant for your next and next AND next shopping trip.

What does the fact that we have an app say about The SA Image Academy?

Internationally, we are THE ONLY entity who owns an APP like this – it is quite literally out of this world unique – this means, if you have the APP, you are exclusive to the Image Consulting world … and who wouldn’t want that?

We are leaders, we are pioneers, we are ground breakers and we are the innovators of this industry who needs people like you to join the image army so that we can continue taking the consulting world by storm!

What if I don’t finish the online course in six months?

Once you have enrolled you are working at your own pace. We don’t necessarily encourage and set deadlines, reaching your own milestones and course goals are up to you. We want the knowledge, facts and information to be fresh and fabulous in your mind before you go out in the field – what you learnt shouldn’t be forgotten simply because you dragged out the process too long. 

However, from experience we know that without that little bit of added pressure from a lurking deadline, things can get postponed and avoided which stretches the whole process out and it begins to feel like a chore rather than a passion.

How does my preferred payment plan affect my course length?

The option for the extensive payment plan is merely to accommodate more individuals. The payment plan essentially controls the rate at which you have access to the content. As you pay, the course unlocks on your device – we work at your pace, according to your needs and we support you along the way.


Nothing is unachievable and you can most certainly achieve your desired outcome, even if it is not at the same rate or with the same intentions as a friend of yours who is also doing the same course.

Can I do the course if I’m not in South Africa?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. We are all human and every human needs an image consultant – regardless of the continent you live on. Whether you are from the North or the South of any corners of any continent, you can enroll. Our online course lends itself exceptionally well to any individual who craves the need to equip themselves with the power to empower other individuals around them. We send you everything you need, and the beauty of our APP is that you can download it wherever you are.

What is the one thing that you see in students who became the most active image consultants?

The golden thread weaving itself through each and every individual currently flourishing in the industry is that they know their ‘why,’ they have a drive, and they know what they want to achieve in the long haul. Always strive to look at the bigger picture and crave the success, because what you put out will come back to you tenfold. It all depends on you!

What makes SA Image different?

We truly believe that the heartbeat of beauty is not just internal, beauty extends beyond that and we strive, with everything we put out there, that the essence of this gets braided into every aspect of every sphere related to Image Consulting. We can’t fix the broken, but we provide the take that puts the pieces back where they belong so that the healing can commence.


Unbelievable, Inspiring, motivation and educational-This course helped me to look at myself from a whole other perfective, which enabled me to have a more postive impact on the people surrounding me.

Mariska Smit – Vanderbijlpark.

The Pocket Stylist app

Launching in October 2021

The course so far is an eye opener .The content is deep and well thought about and I look forward to being more enlightened as an Image consultant.

Grace Wanjiru Kariuk – Kenya Nairobi

About the app

The Pocket Stylist is proud to announce a first of its kind! Meticulously created, professional, practical and state-of-the-art, this unique app designed for Image Consultants and their clients, is an official industry disruptor. No need for cumbersome website procedures, or having to remember an outdated style book and expensive colour swatch when you go shopping. As an Image Consultant, you can now confidently convey to your clients, “I’ve got an app for that!”

Why become a member?

Pocket Stylist membership gives exclusive access to purchase as many apps as you might need for your in-person or virtual clients. The app contains all the recommendations your client will possibly need based on their personalised suggestions regarding garments to suit both their vertical and horisontal body shape, hairstyles and accessories for their face shape, suggestions regarding their style personality, their best colours with regards to either their 12 seasonal colour groups (tonal system) or the 4×4 colour systems. This also extends to metals, patterns, contrast, makeup and haircolour recommendations. Seasonal updates ensure that suggestions stays current.

Empower your business by adding the Pocket Stylist to your repertoire!

I absolutely loved the sa image online course. It exceeded every expectation and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Thank you SA image

Marne Burger – New Plymouth, New Zealand


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